Thursday, October 1, 2009

Blood stained Lucifer...!!

Resentment as the mere conclusion
The name of the demon evokes in mind
Henceforth this very last second
Last summons of envy now revolve inside

A stroke of thunder, instant blows of fright
Gluttony and lust will blur any sight
The gaze for a desire and the shades of night
The evil shalt die and the light must rise

Thee shalt fear to the sins you have laid
thee shalt hail to the merits still left
A stop to the circle which moves, NO end
No rage no sins, but the evil should slay

By Dilan [ D ] Samathilake

N.B. This poem reveals the misery and the pain behind selfless souls which already have let the evil spirits to set in. The only way left for us now is the ultimate freedom the "Nibbana".

An apology of phallocentrism towards feminist criticism

I feel sick, dirty, and ashamed
Wish I could move, but paralyzed, and sway
Listen it’s not my fault, I’m not to blame
At this moment I want to run away...
My soul shakes and mind queers
Blood on hands, and behold my sphere
Let the mind move, passing these fears
No one can see, on this road, or near
Disgust-Disuse-Misused and fucked up
Shut up!! Shut up!! Shut the Fuck up…!!
Want to move now miseries sucked up
My soul, oh please I’m just a stuck-up
This time, this place, this phase No stay
Dominance of losers, lightened up my day
A villain, far deep in dark corners in maze
Sorry, for the mistakes, I’ll bow, you Name…

By Dilan Dhananjaya Samathilake
~On the 11th Hour when the sun will be murdered, Scream untill the extreams exceeds and just realize it's all about the MeTaL~

Under the Sky of May....

The prattle, which I hid my heart behind
Smiles, the closed curtains to a deceitful life
Can I scream? Again…, saying that I’m guilty…
Can I………..? Or Can’t
Or can I take the vows of silence and stick back to the illusions I drew
The words, so colorful, and charms of deception
Neither do I, can fly, to the sky of May
Wish I could stay, under this sky of May
For just one last moment……………….
Thinking of you, moments we shared
Essence of life, and crimson of love….
Agony of duplicity, feel I’m so far left behind
The meaning resides under the shadows of lies
Beneath, the scary dark corners where the doubt rules its own glory
Elegance of it’s so called pride, and so on
Still the same meaning, just shadows of lies....

Paranoid, I was, coz of the vagueness
Paralyzed, I am, though the motive is clueless
Wish I could stay, under this sky of May
For just one last moment……………….
Gazing back at stars, embracing the world of unknown
Praising the reflectance, which glance back from the heaven…
As I have entrusted my dreams to the eternity
It’s time for hopes to die, under the inheritance of uncertainty

By Dilan Dhananjaya Samathilake


I met him on first..
reasons so weird..
He was like..
What the fuck..!!

I met him on eleventh..
for ma own fears..
He was like..
What the fuck..!!

Again on twenty first..
as well as thirty first..
still he's the same
What the fuck..!!

one day in a sunny noon
met a face less bigger than a moon
He was like..
What the FISH..!!

to ma weirdest surprice..
someone has changed him..
the boogie man I knew
to a spooky geek, phew..

good on you, mate..
good on your date..
and trust me fellas
I was Like..
What the Holy Fuck
this life really SUCKS..!!

Beyond your sweetness...

Forbidden indeed, you are
Than the gust that blows
Above forsaken lands.....
But to tell you
It’s Not beyond that
Sweetness you stand...

Incessant love, it belongs to hearts
Which deserve that absolute compassion
The desire to be free under these rainbow dreams
The hearts which meant to be till eternity
To tell you
You, my lost piece of a life full of adversity
Which now the fountain of happiness, No odds
But just a simple, new ascending solace
Yes I know, thee Love ceaseless
Will look in to you, when the time stops
For a moment, and till its long gone
I will never take mine off from yours
Will huddle in your heart, both hands wide open
Will held you still like wind in the deepest night
Till the memories of the tear dies
Till wind blows past all my skies
Cos I love you..
..and ....
Forbidden indeed, you are
Than the gust that blows
Above forsaken lands.....
But to tell you
It’s Not beyond that
Sweetness you stand...

A day in Pompeii..............

The broken silence now weeps in dark
Skinned smooth skies and lifeless stars
A love that burnt with forsaken marks
On thy grounds of Pompeii, the city of cast

Thy souls still roam, mourn for thy moment
One last kiss and the words which stolen
A proper goodbye and whispers of fallen
Screams of heart, though the vibes now dormant

Forgotten names of abandoned grounds
Dust roofed towns and flames on bounds
The city buried down, with smiles then found
This the cry of a ground, which lost its sound

The countless dreams and the mounds of deeds
Hopes for needs, with the days of beings
Burnt to the ground, even unborn seeds
A day in Pompeii, but the city still bleeds

By Dilan Samathilake


Oh little missy, oh little missy
Thee my fere from farthest west,
Zephyr, my sweetest unknown myth
In the midst of thy splendor
Even Venus seems, a stardust dash
Oh I wonder, my fearless dreams
Janus, thee beginning so is my end
Pace it slow, betwixt reverie and certainty
I, the lost one, just another thespian
Feel small, when thy wings spread
Feel feeble, when saw the aid upon thee
Neither a hunter nor a shooter of stars
Just No one just my time, will it last?
Still my Orion, ohh he weeps in dark
Gaze him back, thee the mere bliss
Canst thee be my eternal wonder?
Or dost the desire of thee, a closure….
Or shalt I take the gravity and go…
Reveal thy butterflies, wishes may flow
Oh my little missy, oh my little missy
Stay close my foremost desire
Or fly away, I’ll close my eyes
No need the seconds I’ve lost
But make sure you smile
Beyond this frost….

By Dilan Dhananjaya Samathilake