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'තෘප්ති' A Film by Udara Abeysundara



A film by Udara Abeysundara
Script by Dilan Dhananjaya Samathilake

‘සංතෘප්ති’ or as its English translation ‘satisfaction’ defines, is the state of being gratified or simply the pleasure obtained by a fulfilment of a need or a desire. This is an emotional state which is available to every living being, yet somewhat rarely experienced by most. Instead of living in the present with the life as it is at each moment, most of the individuals are habitually engaged in a frail struggle to preserve and uphold a false identity which separates the person from the whole of life has made ‘satisfaction’ a rare fragment in the pool of emotions.

‘සංතෘප්ති’ (-sa-n-thrup-thi- ) is a story of three different social entities which gain their contentment by contravening the modern social conduct with an emotional approach that suits its very moment. Each entity represents each and every customary bond that combines humans in a society and how they find their ultimate satisfaction, the happiness.

‘Kavindu’ is a young boy who seeks excitement by experience, yet grows under the rules and the supervision of his parents. The systematic way his mother follows to make a cake steals his interest which eventually leads him to an experiment. This guides to a disappointment of the anticipation and the desires of his mother which result a conflict and misery between them. In time, with the unconditional love towards the child of her life, she breaks the system after understanding ‘Kavindu’s experimenting nature and then satisfies her desires along with Kavindu’s; by taking a step towards the child’s world.

At the meantime ‘Sena’ and ‘Vishaka’, a newly wedded couple who are secluded from the outside, yet on a mission to discover the true self, await. Regardless the known odds of themselves, they try to satisfy themselves through comprehension and concession. After a struggle to identify the differences, they start to communicate in a non verbal manner which introduces to their inner desires. A mutual physical intimacy that allows both individuals to please the arising desires takes them in to a whole new level of maturity and understanding at the end.

Meanwhile, ‘Palitha’ a person who has lost his way in his own imagination seeks his true satisfaction through the scales of his own judgement which this society defies to value. Though there are no conflicts (since he is free from all bonds), he himself has to discover and overcome certain difficulties in order to be fulfilled. At last he finds the satisfaction and salvation that he has been searching in his self from some time.

The story concludes when the entities find what they have been seeking, and it’s the ultimate happiness of being fulfilled, which of course is the fact we all are living for.

Synopsis by D Samathilake

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