Monday, October 15, 2012

Dear Johnnie

Walk a mile in me shoes, dear Johnnie
Walk a mile, before us cubes get aged
On worn out soles of me flip flops
Though they no match for thee leather knee-highs
Walk a mile on this gravel road, dear Johnnie
And sight the stains on those dying sunsets
Which once used to be spectacular than this ginger ale
Purists may weep, Oh let ‘em scream, Johnnie
Cos the choice was mine, though it failed me
Veil her glare in your top hat and walk a mile,
On the lanes of pain, where the memories were slain
Fight the dawn with thy cane, dear Johnnie
Which I keen to see (not), before us next round!!

By Dilan Samathilake (alias Dilan daDevil)


The kiss of Judas

Oh thee lord of Nazareth.
Hear me, an assassin’s grieve
whilst the echo burns the walls
-of thy immortal realm;
as thee heaven refused to shelter
the being of us weakens.
Spare me, a few coins of silver
minus the ones with blood stains-dried,
red clots, set in the midst of
the thrones, the crown, the cross and thee.
Where the nails were; an inch deep
rests now the salvation we seek.
Speak Now! Voice thee reasons;
though seamless; seems us feelings.
the meanings are the ones we need of.
Redeemed by the grace and raised from the dead;
is it I? -for I’ve lost me faith. The doubts;
darker the soul grew; were concealed within.
The hour was at hand for many
but me, for I was blind.
Master is it I? It is.

By Dilan Samathilake (alias Dilan daDevil)

Chasing Rainbows

Cocktails were poured into her empty heart,
while Berlin bars sang her song.
As it echoed beyond
the war drums of ruthless Nazis;
she exhaled her sorrows into thin air.
Smoke, her dreams were to the naked eyes
of those who were foreign to love-lost betwixt,
too thick.Thicker than the ashes flew;
over the gas chambers, fake rainbows and many.
Confusions were bottled up within;
ready to be popped open to pour down like champagne
but corked well, so the frustation sustained;
stuck to the bottom
like a gunblade on a blood stained
heart. Hard but pain was eased
again, was pleased as she sipped her spirits,
spiritual! Her nonstop chatter released her greif
while her scattered heart sighed silently.
Her gown was the terrain that strangers walked
passing neon lights and name signs
vacant rooms and street lights.
'I am a princess' she thought
while counting notes given, souvenirs
of the night that she crowned him;
a stranger who was short stayed

By Dilan Samathilake (alias Dilan daDevil)