Thursday, June 30, 2011

So I never loved her

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"Good Night, Good night! Parting is such sweet sorrow, that I shall say good night till it be morrow."

- William Shakespeare, Romeo and Juliet, 2.2

His gaze was detained by the sorrow of the grey stained wall in front of him. “The greatest heaven is far away from me, I know” his words were whispers I felt, those which lost its right to speak. As he recalled the moments of his miserable life, he remembered what she has said once, once before the times have changed. Those were the days of his young life, he thought. If not mistaken was taken away by force, for the crimes that have never committed, but assumed guilty.

Oh Romeo, aren’t you just lucky? to surrender your soul to the undying love, once you’ve yearned to spend the eternity with, oh Romeo. You are blessed Romeo, that you’ve never got tortured from the love you adored. The lips you’ve once kissed, have they ever cursed you? Or the kiss itself a curse, oh tell me Romeo? For I’m lost by the own words I have written once, so tell me Romeo?

Oh Romeo, have you ever loved her, the way I’ve done? Haven't you ever bridged the day and the night, for the love of your life? Have you? Have you ever written songs for the sparkle of her eyes, tender in her skin or the love she had given, which you thought were real? Have you cried enough Romeo, for the distance and absence that failed you. Oh Romeo you are 'the lover', for you’ve died for the name of the love, and I still wonder what am I? Oh Romeo, tell me Oh Romeo why do I feel betrayed?.

Rest in peace Oh Romeo, for the love you’ve died for, while I die every day for what I thought was love. From the moment a shadow is born till the second it dies, what does remain is a hope, which I have lost in every step I take.

‘ I am no martyr of any cause’, he thought to himself, before walking away from his own shadow, to evade, as it followed him through the pale light of the burning candles. "They’ve lost their innocence"; he sang in silence by looking at those portraits of her, which lost the grace they once used to have. “How much I used to love you? more than my breath and being” .

Oh Romeo, So tell me, 'the greatest lover of all' ? Can I be a lover for that I am not dead but dying Oh Romeo?

By Dilan Samathilake

(Sound Track: There's no place like home Series: LOST Season 4 Composer: Michael Giacchino)