Thursday, March 14, 2013

Even the sun sets in paradise

I raped the repeat on my playlist
-just for those words, just for those days
I struggled. Now struggle to understand,
how to let go of this pain. Days, its been-
yet wonder where are those times were flown.
where are those words drawn, once used to
be the bells heard, the closest to heaven; I said.
Walked the hard road which seems easy for those
who has not been, with a blade- faced straight
to the throat, on every step I took.
Oceans grew smaller at the days end-
which only left room for a scattered dream,
so flattered to deceive.
In a place where the reality and emotions collide,
we buried our love, life and-
the remainder of whats left in between,
whilst the molested playlist screamed
that 'even the sun sets in paradise'.

Hey you :)

A strangers gaze, that awkwardness and the known odds;
I think I understand the reason for the sharp edged words you spoke.
The closest I could've ever been was, a few inches apart;
but you were so far away for me to say what I have for you.
If a momentary contentment is the source that drives me,
I wouldn't ever fear 'rejection'; which now keeps me away from you.
I questioned me 'Why her?', and been told;
"Some questions have no answers and don't expect this to have any!"
Thus I am your stranger and you are the one I can't get my eyes off.